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Courtyard Gallery
Ren Hui Artist Index
1957 Born in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China
1977 Began Writing Poetry
1985 Writer and Producer of “THEY” a Folk Literature Publication
1991 Transition to full time Artist
1995 to present: Lives and works in Beijing, China.

1998 Ost West Galerie, Regensburg, Germany
2002 Galerie Erhard Witzel, Wiesbaden, Germany
2003 Magdeburger Kunstverein, Germany
2004 Art Frankfurt, Germany
Art Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
2006 Arts & Archives Warehouse, [CAAW], Beijing, China
“Difference” exhibition curated by Ai Weiwei
2007 Solo exhibition “It’s Me” Courtyard Gallery, Beijing, China
2009 Solo Exhibition “Relax”Courtyard Gallery, Beijing, China.

Selected Works

Oil on Canvas
“Green Path ”Oil on Canvas,155x150cm, 2008 "Smiling Faces "Oil on Canvas,110x137cm, 2008 "Bright Red-Mao 1 "Oil on Canvas, 136x150cm, 2008 "Blue Huose "Oil on Canvas,180x150cm,2008 "Tiananmen 2 "Oil on Canvas,166x150cm, 2008

"Lotus" Oil on Canvas,128x132cm, 2008 "Red House "Oil on Canvas,150x145cm, 2008 "Temple of Heaven" Oil on Canvas 90x90cm, 2010 "Moonlight" Oil on Canvas,198x144cm, 2008 “Archway No.2 ”Oil on Canvas, 170x124cm, 2009.

"Child and Little Bird" Oil on Canvas, 155x150cm, 2010 "Temple of Heaven" Oil on Canvas, 150x260cm, 2010 "Under the Bridgr1 "Oil on Canvas, 360x200cm, 2008.

Woodcut and Painting
"Chairman Mao" Woodcut and Painting, 60x40cm, 2008 "Chairman Mao and Children" Woodcut and Painting, 45x63cm, 2008 "Donghuamen" Woodcut and Painting, 50x65cm, 2008 "Children" woodcut and Painting, 44x107.5cm, 2008 "Dog" Woodcut and Painting, 45x45cm, 2008.

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